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Weekly wellness activities delivered to your phone.

Get ready to shine.

Wellness is a lifelong journey that happens one small step at a time—and littleglow is here to help you take your next step by providing a new slate of engaging everyday wellness activities every week.

Now is the time to shine for Ukraine

There are so many in the Ukraine right now who could use a dose of encouragement and light. It may not seem like much compared to what they face, but if you have some positivity to share, we invite you to write a short, uplifting note of healing, wisdom, or good cheer below that we’ll translate and deliver anonymously to someone who can use the support in keeping their spirits up in this unimaginably challenging and dark time.

    This form collects your name, hometown, and email so that we can correspond with you. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information.

    There’s no substitute for wellness.

    With littleglow, getting a daily dose of wellness is easier than ever. To show how using our app can add a Pop of Positivity to every day, we teamed up with professional snowboarder, Louie Vito, to help the employees of Magic Mountain in Londonderry, Vermont, find time in their busy days to pursue their personal wellness journeys.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Download the littleglow app and create your profile. You’ll start receiving 5 wellness activities—or Pops of Positivity—each week that you can do right away or save for later.

    2. Pops are organized into three categories: mind, body, and spirit. Completing Pops will raise your Glow Level in each category and unlock fun achievements.

    3. As you keep climbing higher, you can look back and see the incredible progress you’ve made on your personal wellness journey.